Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sibling love

My kids get along pretty well. She looks out for him, and he's sometimes helpful. They're really interacting a lot more these days as he's a legitimate toddler and no longer a baby.

On the weekends, they have started napping together. First, let me say that this is awesome because they nap AT THE SAME TIME. When he was still taking two naps, he'd wake up as she was going down and she'd wake up as he was going down again. Now? Family nap time! Or we sometimes are productive. Whatever. But now they nap at the same time, in the same room. He sleeps in his toddler bed and she has a pallet on his floor. Works out well. Sure, they're chatty sometimes before they fall asleep but not too bad.

I found out that when they nap at the grandparents' he will usually wake up first. He gets out of his bed and goes into the room she sleeps in and crawls up on the bed. Yesterday he was sick but she was not. She went to school and he went to the grandparents'. He still went through his same routine and was calling for her. Aww.

Well, last night we put them to bed. I was brushing my teeth and heard her yelling, "Mommy! Mommy!" I went down the hall and noticed her door was open. I expected her to say that I needed to close it after she hadn't. Nope. She's sitting up in her bed and he's sitting up in her bed facing her. "Miles is in my room." Um, yeah.

I tried to get him back into his room. He would just lay there and say, "Bye, Mommy" and wave. I was unsuccessful. I ended up pulling his mattress into her room and he slept there. Went right to sleep after I put him on it.

Now, I do a lot of things wrong but last night? Made me feel like I've got this parenting thing down. Love seeing them love each other.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

life list: ride a gondola

Hubby had a work meeting in Vegas this week and we decided to capitalize on that. We went out on Saturday for a few days of kid-free leisure. We stayed at the Encore, which was just as nice as the Wynn. There was some napping, some tv watching, some reading by the pool. We also stuffed ourselves with good food and wandered around the strip. Went to the wax museum. Saw David Spade--Kevin Farley was one of his opening acts. All three guys were quite funny. And saw the phenomenal Elton John. So, so good.

And we squeezed in a gondola ride at the Venetian. Yea! We had a real Italian scoot us around and sing lovely songs to us. It appears I'm on a Life List roll. Who would have thought?

Monday, March 24, 2014

life list: pay off student loans

Y'all. I'm studen loan free. I could have paid them off awhile ago but the interst is so low my financially-brained husband convinced me to let them linger. But they got low enough that I thought, "That's it. I'm paying them off this year." Weee! And it's well before I start paying for college for the next generation.

Next up? The house. Just kidding.

Monday, February 10, 2014


One thing I never really expected out of this whole motherhood gig is how my amount of empathy would increase exponentially. It's crazy. Someone gets bad medical news? I immediately think of her kids. And how she must be feeling (also probably thinking about her kids). And I think of my kids and how much the whole situation just sucks. I cry at Olympics commercials. When that girl coasts over to her mom and hugs her? And they put their foreheads together? Gah. And I go to school plays and see those kids up there? And I'm just so. freakin'. proud. And I don't know a single one of them. But they're amazing and they're someone's kid and I think what they're doing is just awesome. Everyone is suddenly just a person. Who was once a baby. Who still is someone's baby. I hope people look at my kids that way. Honestly, we should look at everyone like this--it lets you cut people more slack and be happier for them and realize that we're all just people who have come a long way but still have a ways to go.

Friday, January 31, 2014

18 months

Buns! A year and a half! You are my favorite son ever. I'm surprised I haven't suffocated you with snuggles. I'm not sure if it's because you let me more than your sister did at this age or because you're a boy or because you're the baby. Whatever. I'm taking full advantage.

So other than super cuddly, what are you like at 18 months? You still have a really deep voice but you say words now! Some are pretty clear to others but some only I understand. Off the top of my head: Mommy, Daddy, doggie, plane, nudie, no, bye bye, cheese, all done, help, armie (for arm), book, Maggie (garbled), Daisy, Tessa, milk, mummy (for gummy), and Scarlett (it varies but kind of like "Carleh"). I know I'm forgetting some. You can tell me what sounds most animals make. You know what we're saying now and respond to commands. You know some body parts.

You still love water and baths. You really love reading these days. You were a little slower to get on board with books than your sister but you certainly are there now. When I take your (size 6) shoes and socks off, you giggle, giggle, giggle. You like music (especially "Shapoopie" from The Music Man) and dance to it. You adore technology. You'll watch some TV with your sister but you usually get bored and start playing with toys, which is preferable. You like to climb on things and go to the park. You LOVE walks with Maggie. You don't dislike diaper changes and getting dressed as much. But you do still hate having your nails trimmed. You don't prefer Daddy quite as much anymore--it's closer to being even.

You still want to be held a lot. You're super sweet and terribly cute. You are mostly really happy and smile and laugh a lot. But you have the red hair so you anger easily. You know, red hair and you're a TODDLER.

You're a relatively good eater. We weened you off the bottle right after your birthday. (And we got rid of the paci, too!) You primarily use sippy cups but sometimes straws. Regular cups = mess. You're on cow's milk, and we luckily had no problems there. You still love baby food squeeze packs. Other favorites: gummies, yogurt, yogurt raisins, cheese, soft meats, grapes. You're getting pretty good at utensils although you do still like to eat with your hands.

Sleep is a struggle. You're still sleeping in your crib and down to one nap a day. Apparently you go down easily at school but it's harder at home and the grandparents'. You go to sleep easier in a grown-up bed. Night time varies but usually you cry. You have some stamina, and it makes Mommy a little crazy. Sometimes you sleep through the night but sometimes you wake up and cry. We're trying to work on getting you to soothe yourself. When you wake up in the morning (too early), you usually cry until we come get you. I don't know why you don't wake up happy. I'm certainly glad that's something we outgrow prior to adulthood.

You are super mobile. You walk and run and climb. You go up and down the stairs much more easily these days.

Nothing regarding potty training. I have no idea how we're going to start that with a boy. I guess we have awhile still.

Your 18-month pediatrician's visit isn't until next week so I'll update then. You are a skinny minny, though. Way more so than your sister. I'll be interested to see your stats since the last time we went in you were sick. Update: Yes, you're a confirmed skinny minny. Height=32.5" (56.5%), Weight=24lb 6.1oz (29th%).

Goodness, Buns. I just love you so much. You're my sweetie boy. I can't believe you're halfway through the second year. Things are getting easier on me as a parent, and it's awesome to see you two interact. Y'all are the best. I'm glad I get to be your Mommy.